Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My work has evolved as I have learned the history of photography, its traditions and techniques, while simultaneously nurturing my skill. I mainly shoot digital but still use film when warranted. My previous work leading up to this year involved an internship with a commercial photographer learning studio lighting and how to create the photograph I want using artificial light to capture the subject and mood. This year I focused on the use of natural light, which I found requires more creativity to capture the mood I was trying to achieve. I am a process-oriented artist, who whole-heartedly believes in trial and error and learning from my mistakes. I enjoy overcoming challenges in my work while making decisions about style, light, composition, and the focus for each project. I believe the subject matter sometimes alludes to a specific technique, style, or color palette in photography. I use both color and black and white images in this project to convey my message. I have learned that sometimes black and white images speak more to the viewer and enhance the subject matter by eliminating the unneeded, distracting glitter of color. In contrast, through doing this project I found that some of my photographs relied on color to covey their message, the ornamentation and gold leafing of the Catholic tradition. I have learned that due to our genetic makeup as a viewer we are used to seeing in color. When we see in black and white, that image is processed in a different part of the brain than a color image, therefore, evoking a different reaction emotionally and sensory. As an artist it is my constant job to push the boundaries of my knowledge, abilities, and skills.